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Guided Tours for Groups at the Israel Aquarium

In groups of 25 – 40 participants from institutions or organizations and with advance reservations
Adult group: 45 ILS per person + 175 ILS guiding fee 
Children’s group: (schools, kindergartens) 37 ILS per person + 175 ILS guiding fee
Senior citizens group: 37 ILS per person + 175 ILS guiding fee
Tour length: roughly 1.5 hours
Payment is made on site with cash, check, or credit card.

To schedule a group visit, please contact the information and reservation enter at 073-3399000.

One of the main goals in establishing the Israel Aquarium was the education and publicizing of the need for protection of the aquatic environment and wet habitats. Our educational program, which includes signage and other educational components and activities, served as the basis for building the aquarium. Much thought went into the biodiversity of the Mediterranean and Red Seas, as well as to ecological topics and the threats to aquatic habitats in Israel.

The aquarium offers a variety of educational activities: programs for schools and kindergartens, guidance in the fields of teaching science, and soon, research projects as part of our Bagrut matriculation program for high school students.

Through all of these, as well as through programs for the general public, we emphasize the importance of protecting Israel’s aquatic habitats, and we strive to raise awareness to the many dangers which threaten these diverse habitats.

To mobilize people for the cause, we developed a “commitment wall” as part of the aquarium visit experience. The aquarium’s commitment wall serves as a foundation for an “active community” in the field of preservation of the sea and sea creatures. At the end of a visit to the aquarium, visitors arrive at a large interactive wall, where they are asked to commit to a number of rules connected to aquatic environmental protection. Thus, public awareness is raised for this urgent need for sea protection, both on a general level as well as on a personal level. The commitment wall, as a platform for innovative and leading activity within an “active and committed community” can serve as the largest and most significant social forum in the field of aquatic environmental protection in Israel. The software and hardware were developed and donated by Azrieli College of Engineering Jerusalem, in collaboration with the aquarium’s educational team.

Jerusalem schools may combine their visits through the Jerusalem Benefit framework.

​To schedule a visit, please call the information and reservation center at 
+972 73-3399020 or +972 73-3399000.


Image by will terra
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The Gottesman Family Israel Aquarium, Jerusalem

1 Aharon Shulov, Jerusalem
P.O. Box 898, Jerusalem 91008
Tel: 073-3399000  Fax: 073-3399092



Opening hours: 

Sun-THU 09:00-18:00 Fri and holiday eve 09:00-16:00, Sat and holiday 09:00-18:00

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