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Biodiversity Exhibit and Butterfly House

The Hilary Tisch Biodiversity Exhibit and Butterfly House is located on the grounds of the Israel Aquarium, next to the Biblical Zoo. The exhibit was established with the goal of demonstrating the great importance of conserving existing biodiversity-of small animals, just as much as large animals. At the exhibit, you will encounter representatives of the largest system of the animal kingdom – the arthropods, which includes millions of species characterized by a small body covered with an exoskeleton, divided into sections.

The exhibit simulates a tropical forest with high humidity (80%) and a temperature of 26 degrees Celsius.

Flying throughout the exhibit are fifteen species of tropical butterflies, and at the center are two cases in which you can observe the process of butterfly metamorphosis, their emergence from their pupas and their release into the surrounding space.

Alongside the butterflies, you can explore four different areas dedicated to the importance of biodiversity. Among these areas is one that focuses on imitation and camouflage in nature. There, you will see stick insects of varying types. Another area focuses on interaction in nature, where you can observe the activity of honeybees, presented in a transparent hive. The third area deals with recycling and decomposition, where you will encounter, among other things, a millipede and Madagascar hissing cockroaches, and finally, the area dedicated to the cooperation which occurs between insects and agriculture. There, you will meet grasshoppers, beetles, and the famous locust.

Prepare for a breathtaking experience!

A visit to this exhibit at this point is permitted only as part of a visit to the Israel Aquarium and is included with your aquarium admission ticket.

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Blue Morpho butterfly, photo by ahuva Poch

Blue Morpho butterfly, photo by ahuva Poch

Image by will terra
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